Jenn G.

Easy Process

Our roof had a good long life, probably longer than it should have and the time had come that we knew we had to get a new one as we weren’t confident it would survive another tropical event. Everyone we spoke with was friendly, the roof was completed within 2 business days (it was started on Friday, finished on Monday). The process was easy and really liked we were given choices on what we wanted on our roof.
Another company we requested an estimate from just gave us a straight estimate, never spoke with anyone the day they came out (didn’t even know anyone showed) and wasn’t offered any options, just an email with what was going to happen and the estimate. When Josh came out to give us an estimate he requested that we were available at the time so he could speak to us in depth about it and answered all of our questions without hesitation. Plenty of samples to see as well. My house looks completely different now. Thanks!