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Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Covenant Roofing® knows how expensive a roof repair can be on a commercial building. Hey, we even had to replace our own roof on our Leesburg office not too long ago. That’s why we offer a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan to help you minimize and mitigate larger expenses down the road. Think of it like you would a plan to maintain your HVAC unit or bringing your car in for scheduled service to help prolong its longevity and efficiency. An investment today, could save you tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected, unbudgeted expenses – and you can almost guarantee the timing is going to be horrible when that leak or other issue presents itself.

With a single payment covering your year’s agreement, the Covenant Roofing® Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Cleanings
  • Inspections of all penetrations and fixtures
  • Inspections of flashings and sealants
  • Drain inspections and cleaning
  • Discounted pricing towards repairs that may occur or be needed during the year PLUS no trip charge or inspection fee
  • Inspections are on a quarterly basis and automatically scheduled each quarter
  • Your plan is transferable to any new owner during the pre-paid active year that the plan is in effect

For more information, call our main office at 352-315-3625 or contact us to request an estimate customized for your commercial building’s roof. This service plan is available through all of our service area offices including Leesburg, Jacksonville, Sarasota and Cocoa.